It is the packaging that matters

Before I decided to write this blog, I read a few many myself. I was once reading a blog by someone I knew. It was about the person feeling lonely in a new place he came for his masters and a few ideas he had for his thesis. Half-way through reading I realized that, I was now deeply paying attention to stuff someone was saying, stuff I would’ve never bothered to listen in a real conversation with the person. Heck, I might have even labelled him as boring (or “mokai” as we call it). It was the thought that I was reading a blog, something that is hip and trendy for people my age, that made me pay attention. It was the blog that made the person look intelligible to me. It actually took a blog for that person to catch my attention. It made me realize how much the packaging that stuff comes in matters.
This sudden revelation made me feel a bit disgusted at myself. Though, I’ve been a victim too to such attitude, I felt even more irresponsible acting the way I did knowing the pain it caused. I guess the adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” would suit best here. Everyone is special in their own way. Let’s not make fun of people for something they say or do just to make a small group of insignificant people laugh. I understand that we do this most of the time unknowingly, but let us put a stop to this. And here I too had to package this thought in the form of a blog to get the idea across 🙂
Until next time…

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