You have become your Father

Yes, You’ve become your father. Not just because people call you Mr. Last name, as they usually did your father. You have reached a stage in your life where you are in a job, independent and have responsibilities of your own and you realize you have become your father. I did.
Till now my Dad has transitioned from being my superhero when I was a kid, a boring guy in my teens and finally a savior during those days when I was fresh out of college and badly needed support. I am independent now, at least financially and this is where the realization begins. All those times your Dad came late home when you were planning to go for the cinemas that evening, those weekends he couldn’t spend with you because of his office work, those arguments you sided with your Mom about your Dad not spending enough time with the family. All that made sense now. You start seeing your Dad more as a person now. He too had dreams, hopes, he made mistakes too, he had to put up with his career to support his family, he had regrets and he certainly did love his family more than anything else. You realize all this when you are in a job of your own and have loved ones to support.
I just had to wear my Dad’s shoes to realize his life. I haven’t even started walking yet and I know the road wouldn’t be an easy one. But, I know I will make it, because my Dad made it and I am him now……

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