It’s all baby-talk

“Yaaru da antha ponnu?” (Who is that girl?), asked my mom threateningly. Just when you thought that cute girl will notice you if you liked her new profile picture in facebook, your mom notices it. I guess every boy and girl out there have come across this situation at least once. I was able to ward off my mom from my facebook for a long time. But, it was a losing battle once I had to leave India. I guess the daily one hour phone call, one hour skype call and the often extended one hour phone call in the morning isn’t enough for my mom to know how her child is doing in US. She just has to be in his facebook account, so that she can reach him “in emergencies” (Whatever that means!).
My dad and I have a very gentleman kind of relationship. He gives me enough space and doesn’t meddle in my affairs. I guess he knows that mom is doing the double duty and saved him the work.
I guess being the only child does put me in this predicament. I am all that my mom and dad know and care about. They have been a part of every point of my life. Be it my first fancy dress competition to my college graduation. Strange thing is that my mom always felt the necessity to know what I am up to in my studies and career and as I filled her in with what I was doing, she would come up with solutions for my problems. Surprisingly, she will be always right. This was kind of shocking to me as I grew up. My mom was now helping me decide what I needed to do in my Masters and career, while she found it hard to even pronounce the name of my American professors. She had no idea what I was talking about and she still managed to clear my mind and help me decide.
I decided to ask my mom herself how she did this. She said, “When you were a baby, all you could do was baby-talk. I never understood what you said but I could still make out what you wanted. Years may have passed but you are still a baby to me. It doesn’t matter if I can’t understand what you are saying. I still know what you need and I try to help you get it”. I was awe-struck by this. I guess this is the stuff that mothers are made of. So I replied, “Mom, since you say you know what your son needs, there is a girl…”.”Adi serupaala” (Slap you!!!) she said…..:) Love you mom 🙂

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