America Maapilai

The scene starts at a marriage hall. The bride and bridegroom are sitting at the stage as the marriage processions are going on. Huge crowd, happy relatives trying to talk over the loud mela-thalam as the proud parents look on. But the bride doesn’t seem happy. Her mother nudges her from the side asking her to smile. The iyer shouts “kettimelam kettimelam” signalling that the bridegroom is about to tie the knot and everyone gathered at the marriage are ready to shower their blessings on the new couple to be. Time moves slowly for the bride as she remains without a smile on her face. Just then we hear “Niruthunga!”. All heads turn to the see who dared to stop a holy matrimonial. It is our hero and our bride’s lover. It is now the parents’ turn to lose their smiles, while the heroine throws her garland down and joins the hero. After a few melodrama and a few dialogues, the crowd is convinced of the couple’s true love and it is a happy ending as the hero and heroine marry. A true happy ending it is, except for the actual bridegroom. No one cares about this man who is an accomplished software professional from USA. An America maapilai if you will. 
Many tamil movies have a climax as this. As everyone including the audience rejoice over the hero getting the heroine against all odds, no one cares to spare a thought about what happens to this America maapilai, who doesn’t even get to speak a dialogue in this fiasco. This blog is dedicated to such reel-life and real-life maapilais.
The Hindu, in its review for the movie “Thiruvilayadal Arambam”, which had a similar scene as above, said the following about the climax, “….as the climax ends, all eyes turn towards the bridegroom from america, who never utters a single word. We can’t fail to feel sorry for him a little.”
“That is the single most historical event in our lives”, says Dinesh who was the America maapilai in that movie and now is the presiding President for the All India America Mapilai Association (AIAMA), “It was my only consolidation when I lost Priya (Shreya) to that worthless Thiru (Dhanush).  At least I got acknowledged for it by The Hindu.”
Many such maapilais hold their grudge against the heroine.
“She closes her eyes and sees him, so she marries him. What a stupid concept. I hated her so much that I just gave her up to him”, says Rajiv (Abbas) from Minnale.
AIAMA strives to find a better life for these guys.
Raghu (Karthik), who plays the ill-fated role in “Alaipayuthe” had this to say about life after he got dumped by Sakthi (Shalini), “I never looked back once I lost Shakthi. I am now a married, happy and successful man. I even bought Karthik’s IT company. He now works under me. Call that a twist of irony.”
Getting dumped at a marriage affects an America maapilai more than it does an average man. Contrary to general belief, it is actually hard for an America maapilai to get a girl, as parents are concerned about their daughters living far from home and them. After all the years these guys spend in doing Masters, finding a job and settling down, this issue of finding a girl is truly a concern. 
“Before I buy a plot here (pointing to the land), I’ll probably buy a plot here (pointing to head). It takes so long to finally settle and I wish to get married while I have a head full of hair”, says Santosh, a real-life working professional in US, who is looking out for a girl and his receding hairline everyday.
Such is the pitiable condition of America maapilais. But suprisingly contempt brews against this group from the All India Europe Maapilai Association (AIEMA).
“We face the same problems as these guys do but we never get featured in movies. Once the name foriegn bridegroom is mentioned in the script everyone thinks only of America”, says one such Germany maapilai.
There is no denying that America maapilais will be a parent’s first choice against a ruffian local hero. But the same cannot be said for the girl. Constantly subjected to humiliation due to such girls, and shown in a bad light in movies, our America maapilais find solace in one and only thing. That thing is that ‘Superstar’ Rajnikanth was an America maapilai in search of a true Tamizh girl in the movie Sivaji and our America maapilais still carry that hope that one day they too will find their tamizh girl.

Disclaimer: This blog is a work of fiction. All characters and interviews mentioned are imaginary. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely non-coincidental.


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