A day called Rakshabandan

A day to celebrate the brother-sister relationship and strengthen the bond between them, but let us face the truth. Guys dread Rakshabandan. Even those who do not look forward for Valentine’s Day will consider this day a nightmare. I mean, it is really nice to have your sisters tie a rakhi around your wrist and you gifting them and all. But what if the girl you like ties the rakhi on you?
In recent years, girls have been very generous in adopting brothers so much that it has changed the whole face of Rakshabandan. Gone are the days when sisters tied rakhis to “true brothers” (conveniently older or younger than them I mean!). Now girls freely adopt classmates and colleagues in work places as brothers. But one cannot just shy away from celebrating this day. And surely you don’t want to come across as the creep who doesn’t care for his sisters. After all, this day is truly a gamble to know just how the girl you like feels about you.
Stage 1: The Deal – Tradition demands sisters to wish their brothers first. Like the cards dealt to you in a game, this doesn’t give you a choice does it? The girl you like may tag you along with her other unfortunate brothers in Facebook on a rakshabandan post. She may even go a step beyond that and wish you on your wall. Worst of all, she could publicly humiliate you by tying the rakhi in person in front of all your friends. To top it all, she’ll demand gifts. Gifts that now you have to get her as a brother. 
Stage 2: The Playoff – But what if the girl you like doesn’t wish you or tie the rakhi? Surely, it doesn’t mean anything. She may not have even noticed you. So now, you play the gamble. You try talking to her about how you celebrated this day and the gifts you got for your sisters. You try to break the tradition and post rakshabandan wishes on your Facebook wall (all the while hesitating on whom to tag and whom to not. We all like choices!!). All this may get you noticed, but then starts a whole different nightmare. She may now actually wish you and even demand gifts. You run this risk all the time. Surely, you are in no way prepared to raksha (protect) that bandan (bond).
Stage 3: The Bluff – Worse than getting a rakhi tied by the girl, is the ridicule mixed pity you get from fellow guys who escaped your fate. Now here comes the bluff to protect your pride. You can say “I saw her as a sister too” all you want but no one can stop you from crying inside. 
Don’t let this all get you down. There are chances of success too. Like maybe she gets interested on how caring a brother you are and starts inquiring about your sisters and what gifts you got for them. This is a clear victory. She may even tease you about the risks of posting rakshabandan wishes. This is a true sign of her being interested in you. For all you may know, the girl might be using this chance to find out how you feel about her too. If you are sure, then gamble a bit more 🙂

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