An ideal world

What would be an ideal world? Where wealth is not a birthright and everyman must deserve what he gets? Where aspiration and hard work alone will take a man where he wants to go? Where luck never plays a role in anything and equal opportunity is given to all? Where possibilities never end? Yes, it would be an ideal world. But many would argue that such a world is hard to realise and reality can never reach ideal.
To answer this let’s look back into the lives of our ancestors. They lived in an agricultural society. Health was indeed wealth then. It was earned through hard work. The earth and the sky provided the food and everyman had to work to earn his share. No one had an advantage over the other. The seasons never failed. Professions were not followed back then, they were made. There was so much to discover and so much to learn. Yet, the life they followed was perfect. They had the how and they tried to find the why. And they did too. Every tradition they followed had a strong reason behind it and it carried great wisdom and knowledge. They continued to live a simple life all the while carrying great wisdom as to why things have to stay the way they were. A world where everyone got what they asked for because they knew what to ask.
Sounds ideal doesn’t it? It was indeed. But what went wrong? Why are we today deprived of what we actually had? The answer is simple, desire. The desire for an easy life. But this desire did have good intentions behind it at first. Like parents striving to make life better for their offsprings, the society too wanted to give a better life to the next generation. This desire was what made us grow from our hunting days to actually being able to grow our own food. But during the course, the comforts alone started getting passed down and not the wisdom behind it. Traditions became superstitions and knowledge became beliefs. Even the concept of god, which was actually a status given to forces beyond our control were misconstrued into something to fill gaps in our knowledge.  The society slowly degraded to just individuals living together, not contributing anything for the other’s growth and striving to achieve alone. We became so single minded that we started biting the hand that fed us. We polluted our earth and in due course ourselves too. People became divided by class, wealth and politics to name a few.
But can we not go back to what we actually were? Can we not start afresh again? Can we not build an ideal world? Guess it is a question for everyone to ponder upon…..

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