The Greatest Gift

Love is a strong feeling. It has the power to bring about change. At some point of time in our lives we all find that one thing, may it be a person, a thing or even a hobby, that we absolutely fall in love with. This love transforms us. Makes us a better version of ourselves. But what happens when we lose our love?….
Our story is about a boy and a girl. It has been over a week since he had seen her for the first time. He never imagined himself as a romantic, or even someone who believed in love. But this was all before he laid his eyes on her for the first time. He longed to see her again, all the while trying to comprehend what this feeling was he felt for her. It was truly inspiring. He felt a purpose. He rushed to his attic.
It has been so many years that he even forgot that he had it with him. There it was, wrapped in dusty cloth on the side of the wall.  He unwrapped it and held the object against the light. It was a violin. His grandmother had gifted it to him for his tenth birthday. He went to music classes for many years and was really good at it. He was set to do great things with his talent before other things interested him and the violin was slowly cast aside. Biding its time and waiting for someone to hold it once again.
This new feeling was really motivating. He found his old music books, came down from the attic, sat near the window. He turned the pages to the first lesson, put the violin to his cheek and played the first note. It sounded horrible. He took a deep breath and tried again and again and again. He kept on going as if this was the only thing he had left to do in his life. Nothing could stop him. It wasn’t long before he started getting the hang of it. He was enjoying every bit of it. Music poured out of his violin. It was literally speaking his love. His Love! That is when he realised what this feeling he had for her exactly meant. He knew it too well but it took him this much time to actually realise it. He knew what he had to do. He took his violin to his cheek again and started composing a song. Hours turned to days and days to weeks. He kept on going and at last it was ready. It was a song that spoke of his love for her. It was a beautiful melody that could fill anyone’s heart with joy and bring a smile to their faces. It was a true masterpiece. He rushed with his violin to meet her.
There she was by the lakeside sitting on the sand. She was feeding the swans. He straightened himself and started walking confidently towards her as he saw another man approaching her. She seemed glad seeing the other man. They hugged and walked away from the lake together. He was shattered. Violin in hand and sadness in his heart. He suddenly lost his purpose. The whole world started spinning too fast for him that he had to sit down. Everything blacked out. In the darkness he heard a voice sobbing. He kept listening to it for long before realising that it wasn’t his voice. This voice brought him out of his darkness. He saw a little girl sitting beside him sobbing slowly with her head buried in her hands. His heart melted. He asked the girl what was wrong. She looked up hearing a kind and gentle voice. She could hardly see him through her tear filled eyes. “I lost my doll”, she cried out. She started crying even more. He had to think quick. He took his violin and started playing a song. He wasn’t even thinking. He just kept playing the first song that came to him. The girl slowly stopped crying and was now listening keenly to his song. A smile crept in her face. Even people passing by the boy stopped there. Spell-bound by the music they couldn’t help but smile. His music was infecting everyone with joy. And slowly it affected him too. He started smiling seeing the little girl smile. It was then when he realised it was the song he wrote for the girl he loved that he was playing now.
The purpose he found through his love was clear now. Though his love has left him he held a responsibility not to his love but to the purpose it made him find. His purpose was to spread joy through his music.
The same goes to all of us. We all strive to make ourselves better for our love. We learn new talents, change old habits and even get a new life-style. All for our love. But when we do not get reciprocated by our love all is not over yet. We still owe responsibility to this change we brought upon ourselves. This change had made us better and we should continue to let it define us. Afterall that is the biggest gift any love can give you than the love itself….

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