Where does inspiration come from?

Prologue (in black and white) – It has been a year since my last blog. In that time I’ve gone through a lot but none worth writing about….or so I thought. Where does the inspiration to write something come from? In my case, it has always been through the people and the situations around me and how I react to them. But in the past year, I’ve been deprived off meeting people and finding myself in interesting situations. Blame it on the new place I’ve moved to or the extreme weather here or my new job or even on me, but I found no inspiration to write.

Present (in Technicolor) – So maybe it was high time I stopped looking outside for inspiration and started looking inside. I know it sounds so cliché, but bear with me. I found that all my creative energy has not been drained but rather diverted. It all started with last winter. It was one of the worst winters to hit the place I live in and it was also my first winter ever. As the temperature dropped, so did my eagerness to go outside my apartment. With nothing to do but to sit idly (not to be confused with the south-indian wonder dish), my mind began to think of all the “what if” scenarios from various instances from my life. We all have done this before. Soon after exhausting myself thinking (read lamenting) about the life I’ve lived, my mind started to drift to situations I’ve never been in. In one of those situations I am a cab driver with a crush on the radio jockey I listen to in the radio in my cab every night at 9 PM. But my love has to wait because a murderer has got into my car and is holding me hostage. How do I escape and that too before 9 PM? In another instance, I am running for my life along with a celebrity who is being targeted by an underground organization. The twist comes in the end when I realize that I was the target all along. But why? I was also a boring guy with a routine life until I start noticing that I am missing a few days of the week and I have no recollection of what I did or where I was in those days. What happened to me?

I kept thinking of interesting situations to be in. Will I write all these stories eventually? maybe…maybe not. But the point is, I was being pushed to write again. If that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is …..until next time 🙂


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