I’m Outside!

I’ve been accused many a times of being a crowd-pleaser with my funny, light-hearted posts and one who is afraid of showing strong opinions and losing my audience. To you sir, I say Ha! you’re wrong!! My posts aren’t funny and I don’t even have an audience!!!

But seriously, everyday I reads news about countless cases of rapes, eve-teasing, marriage difficulties that mainly affect the women of our society. I also see many overnight feminists who were “moved” to post some strong opinions on social media by these news. And when I try asking my friends on good topics to write a blog-post on, almost 90% of the time I get suggestions to write on the issues plaguing the women in India. I’ve never shown any strong feelings or taken sides in these issues and I’ll tell you why: I’m confused!

I’m confused because even though on one side I read on the news about men harassing women in public, I also read about women wrongly accusing men for revenge or publicity, taking advantage of the people’s current sympathy towards harassed women. On one side I see women getting abused or beaten up in public with no one stepping in to help them, while there are also reports of the same public hitting a guy to the brink of death for abusing a girl, or letting the girl hit the guy while they watch, or even better take the guy to the Police and let the Police watch the girl hit the guy while someone records a video of it.

Now, tell me which side should I take? The harassed woman or the wrongly accused man? The abused girl or the guy getting beaten up? I am against women getting harassed but I’m also against wrongly accusing men or taking advantage of our sympathy. I’ve always felt laying a hand on someone is the most inhuman and animalistic thing to do, be it a man laying a hand on a woman or a man getting beat up by the woman or the public or the Police, no matter his crime. There is no pleasure in seeing someone else in pain. OK, let’s think about this issue a little bit more. A man harasses a woman and you feel it is just for the man to get beaten up. What if the guy succumbs to the injury? What will happen to his family? Heck, what if it is the girl who killed the guy cause you “let” the girl punish him? What will happen to her? Ever thought about it? Granted some of these issues have more weight and frequency than the others, or do they? We learn about these issues through what the media feeds us. How can I be sure which one to trust?

Still curious which side I’m on? I’ll quote stand-up comedian Kanan Gill when I say “I’m outside”. I have no strong feelings, no strong opinions, no strong acts to offer about any of these issues whatsoever. All I do have is concern. I am concerned for my fellow human being. What will I do when I see a girl beaten up on the ground? I’ll help the girl of-course, by helping her up and escorting her to safety. Not fight the guys who did it. What will I do when I see a mob attacking a guy who harassed a girl? I’ll try to break away the mob and keep the guy safe from harm till the Police comes and takes him away. I rather help someone in need than take one side and punish the other. I rather post things that would brighten up someone’s day than pushing them to act on something just because I believe in it. I am no feminist but I believe everyone is equal. I believe in the goodness in us all and that we can eradicate these issues with our goodness and a little bit of civility. Don’t be part of the hive mentality, think for yourself before you act. Don’t be so quick to judge anything. There is true knowledge in knowing that you know nothing. As the Thirukural has so eloquently put it “Kannal kanbathum poi kathal ketpathum poi theera visaripathe mei”


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