This is in light of the latest series of reviews of an anthology “After the Floods” (Brought to you by sixth sense publications. Buy your copy now!! ₹150 only!!) for which I wrote a story, designed the cover page, and made a trailer, and have been very humble about it and never bragged one bit. Before you read my post go read the sorry-excuse-of-a-review here.

I think I speak for all the authors who fell victim to this malicious review, when I say we are humble, open-minded people who are always open to criticism. That is exactly what I told the last guy who had a bad review for my story, before I blocked him in FB. This reviewer (I shudder to even call him that!!) with his “Oh so snarky” comments and constant jokes about Ratchagan, thinks he could make fun of us. Well, let me tell you sir!! Ratchagan is an amazing movie and I would happily watch this nerve-popping masterpiece on an endless loop than reading your “reviews”. He even went so far to review his own story. What a narcissist?! And how dare he mock himself?! That is so meta and confusing, and point is you are still mocking a writer, which offends me too I guess?! This is all so confusing…. Anyway the point is I’m offended. Not because you chose to mock both my fellow-writers and my favorite movie. Not because you chose to split the review to 5 parts and subject us to this horrendous experience for 5 days. Not because of your blatant laziness in not even checking for typos in your review (it is splet “touched” not “touc5ed”. Seriously what is with you and the number 5??). Not because you give each story a verdict like Kala master would judge a dance performance. And not even because you chose to call the writers by their initials like some… some… college professor signing off his email?! anyway I know it is offensive somewhere, but no these are not the reasons I got offended.

I’m offended because how come you haven’t reviewed my story yet? 🙂


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