The story of our lives

What makes an epic? A righteous hero surpassing insurmountable obstacles to achieve his goal while having a great adventure. Along the way he falls, learns, makes friends, laughs, cries, faces enemies, and even looses a lot but he never gives up until he accomplishes the task he set out to do. We’ve read so many of it, lived out many of it in our dreams, and even witnessed a few in reality. But do you know that in a way each one of us are trying to write an epic ourselves everyday?

Let me backtrack a little by asking you this – Why do we struggle? Be it living on our own, commuting long distances for work, dealing with difficult people, and just sleeping and waking up every morning to start the same cycle again. We struggle right and left, big and small, and we struggle with little reward. All in the hope to taste that sweet success we set out to accomplish. We struggle because we believe it will all be worth it at the end. But why should we struggle? So that we can be happy somewhere in the future? So that we can give our loved ones the lives we feel they deserve? So that we can realize our passion? or is it because we believe struggling is the only path to our goal? Is struggling the only way to earn happiness? Is struggling the only way to make our otherwise mundane story epic?

We are all writing an epic with our lives and it feels good. We are going to inspire generations that come after us. Our stories will stand the test of time. Or so I believed until I took a look around and I saw people writing a different story with their lives. I saw people writing a love story, where all they did their entire lives was love every living thing they came in contact with. They loved with passion and spread happiness. I saw people writing comedy, where there is never a serious moment and every instance is a laugh riot cause they made it funny.  I even saw people writing tragedies as they wasted their lives wallowing in self-pity. I saw mystery, romance, and even drama and I wondered are they all going towards the same goal as we are? Some of their paths were long and some lead nowhere, but I reminded myself isn’t it the adventure that makes an epic epic and not the goal itself? Maybe they are all epics in their own right. And I wonder….Why do we struggle?


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