“Why are you clapping near him?”

“To check if his hearing is fine, Mom”

“That’s the first thing I asked the Doctors to check when you were born”

Dear Brother,

Feels only like yesterday you came into our lives. You fit inside my palm and barely opened your eyes. When you did open them, I was the first thing you saw with those same dark brown eyes as mine. I promised myself I’d take care of you and I’ve failed to keep the promise. I’m sorry, dear brother.

Those sleepless nights I spent looking after you as you slept beside me as a pup. Checking every hour to see if you were okay, until the day you finally stood up on your own and started walking. I’d do it all over again today if only you could sleep without pain for just one night. I’m sorry, dear brother.

The Doctor is saying countless reasons for why you can hardly stand up now. Age, anemia, cancer. They are scary but nothing compared to imagining I won’t be able to see you the next time I visit home. I’ve pleaded, blackmailed, cursed, prayed every God there is, just to make them stop from doing this to you. I’m sorry, dear brother.

I’m sorry, dear brother, dear Babloo. Sorry I’m not near you now. Sorry I’m not able to make the pain go away. Sorry I never gave back anything for all the good things you gave us. Sorry I never thanked you. Sorry dear brother. Please get well soon.

Your Brother,




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