I am a self-proclaimed mannist (ada feminist, typist mathiri ba!!). Which means I get to fight for any cause I believe in and I’ll let others do the same too. As my first step as a mannist, I’m foraying into the often controversial and even more often taboo world of nipples. Now, if the mention of the word “nipple” makes you skirmish, then this post is for you. If not, then this post is especially for you. Most importantly this is for all the males out there.

I came across a post on FB with the hashtag #freethenipple. Obviously I was interested and went ahead to read it to only discover this was a movement by many females for their right to wear or in this case, not wear a bra. Their question was why can’t a woman expose her chest in public but a man gets to do the same. This got me thinking. As a mannist, I had no qualms with them fighting for their right to expose their chest but I saw an issue deeper than a woman’s right to expose. Much deeper!

After hours of research, I came up with one question to ask. One cause to fight for. One injustice to protest against…. Why should men get to expose their chest in public? I mean look at this picture (VIEWER DISCRETION REQUIRED. NSFL Not Safe For Life)

Aditya Pancholi

Why did you even do that? First thing, nipples have no purpose in men. It is just there sitting uselessly like a (insert smart pun here). Secondly, we men have a plush carpet that should never see the day light for the sake of humanity. Thirdly, it is just ewww.

So, to protest against this atrocity, I am starting my own hashtag #hidethenipple. We as men should stop endangering the lives of others by exposing our chest. Frankly, we shouldn’t expose any part of us. I think our Vaigai Puyal has a good suggestion for how men should dress.


Now men with waxed and chiseled abs and chest might think this is not for them. Well, frankly you should stop exposing too. Not cause it is unsightly but rather it causes heavy stomach fire among us other hairy men. So keep your 6 packs to yourselves.

This is my first venture as a mannist. Please join me in this protest and save the eyes of other humans and cows. #hidethenipple.


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