A for Anbe


“Hi Saravanan. How are you today?”

“Hello Shravanthi. How did you know it was me?”

“How can I not know? You call me at 11:30 PM everyday and I’ve been waiting impatiently for your call today after what we talked yesterday. So tell me how did it go?”

“I couldn’t tell her”


“I am just a cab driver. How will she ever say yes to me?”

“Saravanan, I’ve been talking to you for over two months now. Any girl will be lucky to have such a responsible man as yourself. If she says no then it is her loss.”

“Do you still think I should try?”

“Yes, you should. But bear in mind even if she says no it is not the end. Just that she is not the one for you. You should never stop trying to find love.”


“Saravanan? Are you there?”

“Yes… I’m thinking maybe I should just say it now.”

“Yes, go for it. Do you want me to wait on the call?”

“No, Shravanthi. I love you!”



“Thank you for calling us Saravanan. Here is a song for you.”

As he looked dejectedly at his phone.

“RAINBOW RADIO ended this call”

A song began to play on the radio in his cab “Anubavam puthumai, avan idam kandean…”

He looked at the radio now wondering what this meant. Just then his phone rang. He attended it though it was a number he didn’t recognize but the voice on the other end was one he knew too well.

“I love you too, Saravanan”



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