C for Cinta

Fahri was growing anxious as he frantically watched the door of the bus he was sitting in.

“What’s keeping her so long?”, he thought to himself.

Fahri, our story’s protagonist is waiting for a girl. A girl named Dian, but Fahri didn’t know that. He didn’t know anything about her except that she usually rides the same bus as his, at the same time as him, and got off at the same stop as his. This has been going on for some time now.

The bus was about to leave and Fahri was trying to will Dian to come. Sharing a bus ride with her as they stole glances at each other without sharing a single word between them, though may sound strange to us, is the highest point of the otherwise mundane life Fahri led. And now, it seems he has to take this bus ride alone for the first time in many days.

“She’s probably OK. Just running late I presume”, I said to Fahri.

“What?”, he asked turning to me “How do you… I mean, do I know you Sir?”

Ha! If only he knew how many times he spoke to me. Guess he didn’t recognize me.

“I’ve been watching the two of you for a while now. You might not know this but there are others who travel in this same bus too, young man.”, I said.

Fahri began blushing, “I didn’t realize it was that obvious. But I hardly know her. Actually I don’t know her or her name to begin with.”

“Well, maybe you should ask her today. Seeing how you are anxious about her, don’t you think it is high time you made a move?”

“You’re right. By God if she makes it to the bus today I’ll talk to her. But I don’t think the bus will wait any longer.”

“Leave that to me”, I said and clutched my chest, “Someone help! I think I’m having a heart-attack.”

Everyone in the bus turned towards me. The driver switched off the engine and rushed to me and so did some of the passengers.

“Are you OK sir? How do you feel?”, the bus driver asked.

“I am feeling pain on my left side and I can’t feel my arms.”, I said groaning in pain.

“Then why are you clutching the right side of your chest, Sir?”

“Oh… Like I said I can’t feel my arms”, I said as I slightly moved my hand to the left side.

While all this drama was taking place, I looked through the corner of my eyes as Fahri looked concerned at me holding my hand. I winked at him and he got the message. He smiled at me and turned his head to look out the window for Dian. His face broke into a wide grin on seeing something. It was Dian huffing and puffing towards the bus. Fahri ran out of the bus to her and lifted her heavy bag from her and she thanked him with a smile. They got onto the bus and it was time for me to make my miraculous recovery. Which I so convincingly did, and soon the bus was on its way.

I saw Fahri and Dian share a seat together for the first time, engrossed in what each other had to say. My work here was done and my stop was here as well. I got off and made my way.

“Sir! Sir!”, I heard Fahri call me. He has got down too, as Dian asked the driver to wait just a bit and joined Fahri. They ran towards me and held my hand.

“You’re a god-send Sir! Thank you Allah for sending you.”, said Fahri.

“Yes! Thank you Jesus”, said Dian.

“Well God loves to see you both together, even though you may love God in different names”, I said. “And you are welcome!”

I do like working in mysterious ways…




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