E for Erazanqneris Taguhi

“I had that dream again”, declared Emin.

“Of you tasting the best chocolate ever?”, inquired Arin “What did it taste like?”

“Ah! This time I slept with a paper and pen by my bedside so that I can record the taste before I forgot it”, said Emin proudly as he fished out a folded piece of paper out of his pocket. He unfolded it and read it to Arin, “Salty and Caramel”

“Do you mean salted caramel?”

“No, no. That sounds too simple. I seem to have left a key ingredient out. I was too tired to write it out I guess.”, sulked Emin.

“Now now. I’m sure you’ll have the dream again. Someday you are going to make that chocolate and sell it in this shop of yours.”, said Arin comforting Emin.

Emin was the owner of a chocolate shop in a little town in Armenia. Arin was his wife and handled the sales in their shop. Emin’s chocolates used to be famous all over the town and beyond. People travelling through the town used to stop by to buy his chocolates in bulk. Emin was largely self-taught in the art of making chocolate and was gifted with fine taste. He made all the chocolate in his shop himself . But recently, business hasn’t been that great.

“I’m not so sure anymore Arin. Maybe it’ll remain what it is now, just a dream.”

“Well you do have a chocolate shop and all the ingredients in the world. Why don’t you just start experimenting till you make it? You already know two ingredients!”, suggested Arin.

“That is a wonderful idea! OK I’m off to the kitchen. you take care of the shop. Sell what we have made already. Don’t take in orders for new batch yet.”, said Emin and with that rushed to the kitchen wearing his apron.

A week passed and Emin was still unable to make the chocolate from his dreams. Day in and day out, he would try every different recipe he could think of but he never quite got it right. Week turned to a month and Emin finally decided it was a futile experiment. He was worried he was bankrupting his shop as he has made chocolates for the town people. He threw the apron on the kitchen table and stepped into the shop expecting it find it empty. What he saw surprised him.

The whole town was gathered at the shop to buy the new chocolate made everyday.

LIMITED QUANTITY EXQUISITE CHOCOLATE said a board in the shop. Emin looked for Arin and found her at the counter.

“Each day a new flavour. We may never make the same chocolate again.”, advertised Arin to the one of the customers.

Emin walked over to Arin and asked, ‘What’s happening here? I didn’t make these chocolates.”

“Sure you did. These are your experiments. You were making a new batch everyday and they each tasted divine, so I thought it would be a good idea to sell them.”

“But, they are failed experiments Arin. I can’t be selling these to the people.”

“Well, they don’t think that. Look for yourself.”

Sure enough, Emin saw the townspeople holding his chocolates and biting into them while talking joyously. When he walked past them, they all praised how much they loved the new flavours and congratulated him. He saw kids running around sharing their chocolate with their friends.

Emin walked back to Arin, who handed him a piece of chocolate, one of his failed experiments. Emin bit into it and his eyes went wide.

“How does it taste like?”, grinned Arin.

“Hand me a piece of all the chocolates I made”

Arin did and Emin greedily bit into all of the little pieces.

“They all taste like the chocolate from my dreams.”, he declared.

“I figured it would! Your dream was to make a best-selling chocolate wasn’t it?”, asked Arin.

“I guess you are right! Thank you Arin. These may be the chocolates from my dreams but you will always be the Erazanqneris Taguhi (Queen of my dreams).”





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