J for Jaanu

This is a guest post written by Srilakshmi who blogs here. Thank you Stri for writing this wonderful story 🙂

Sitting in the A row of Big Cinemas, he was all excited to watch Kong: Skull Island. No other form of entertainment excited him more than watching good movies. He has been intending to watch a good movie in IMAX for a really long time and Kong seemed to be the safe bet.

“Excuse me,” he heard someone say.

A tall, beautiful girl with a pixie haircut was standing near him. He moved his leg involuntarily, still looking at her, as if he was in some kind of trance. Women with short hair and long legs never failed to grab his attention. She sat in the seat next to him.

“Do you want to share a popcorn with me?” She asked.

He was unsure if she was talking to him. “Huh?” He exclaimed.

“Would you like to share a popcorn with me? I don’t generally go to movies alone, and I am sure that I cannot finish a popcorn by myself.”

“I could eat two popcorns by myself and then have dinner as well,” he thought.

However, “with pleasure,” he said.

While standing in the long queue, he came to know that she hails from Gurgaon and is here in Mumbai on an official trip for a couple of days.

By the end of the movie, she asked him, “So, may be coffee or beer, sometime tomorrow?”

He couldn’t believe his luck. He was neither this handsome nor this cool in his school or college days. Somehow, post college, he seemed to have actually become attractive and charming.

While the attention he got from her gave him a high that would have made any guy say yes, he remembered that he had to go for a concert tomorrow.

He can easily cancel the concert plan. He attends at least one concert every  month. An attractive girl asking him out is a thing of rarity.

*Next day evening*

“So, you are here,” she said.

“How can I not be?” He said with a smile.

Her brown eyes gleamed, and he also noticed that she had a nose piercing that was not there before.

“Nice nose ring,” he said.

“Thanks, you noticed it, wooaahh,” she made a mild whistle.

“So, shall we go inside?” he asked.

Casually gathering her long, waist-length hair into a messy bun, she said, “We will go after 10 minutes. The concert is anyway going to start after 30 minutes only. I could do with some fresh air.”

It was so typical of her to give 3-5 sentence replies even when he has asked a simple Yes/No question.

And by fresh air, he knows that she wants to take a puff or two from his cigarette.

As he smoked, he told about the girl he met in the theater.

“You could’ve gone nah? I would have understood if you cancelled our plan.” she said as she took a puff from his cigarette.

“Or you could have brought her here, and then may be, taken her out for dinner.” she added.

That’s the thing he adored about her. She wasn’t the girl who acted cool, but she was actually cool. Leave alone going out for coffee or drink with another girl, hardly he has seen any of his friend’s girlfriends being okay with their guys talking to an attractive female stranger.

He didn’t tell anything. That’s how he is – he feels but doesn’t express much, and she compensates by talking a lot. “You always wanted to go out at least once with a girl who has short hair & long legs,” she said casually.

“What if I like going out with her more than once? What if I end up liking her a lot more than I liked anyone else? What if I never want to date other people at all after going out with her? What if she is the one?” He asked with a straight face.

He can see her lose her cool. It was evident as her eyes widened. She opened her mouth to tell something and closed it immediately.

“Let’s go inside,” she said curtly.

He nodded.

“Actually, we never promised forever. I mean we seem perfect and stuff, but yeah, I guess I will be a little disappointed but actually will be happy for you if you find your soulmate, even if it’s in someone else,” she said honestly.

He pulled her close and said, “Yes. I have a thing for women with short hair. Yes. I love women who talk less. And, of course, I like women who prefer movies over concerts. But, if given a choice to pick between a woman like that or you – I’d undoubtedly, without second thoughts, choose you.”

She was flabbergasted. This was the first time he spoke so much.

He removed her bun, held her by her hip, and for the first time ever, he said, “I love you, Jaanu.”


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