K for Kawaii

This is a guest post by Rajathilagam (who watches a lot of anime and has picked up some Japanese :P). I’ve written a guest post in her blog here.

Her hands trembled as she picked up the box from the rack. It was her last chance at doing something about her feelings. As she purchased the “Make your own Teddy Bear” kit she somehow found a little bit of courage in herself. 

Miyu was determined. 


It was the last day of school. It was now or never for Miyu. She clutched the gift bag as she made her way to the senior classroom. 

As she opened the door she stood frozen at the scene unfolding inside the classroom. 

“Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu Aki-kun” (I love you Aki) 

It was Rhi, the school head cheerleader. And there she was confessing her feelings to Aki, Miyu’s childhood crush. A tear drop rolled down her cheek as she dropped the bag and ran away. 

She was not going to stand there and get her heart broken. She knew that anyone would choose Rhi over her. She knew Aki was going to accept Rhi. 

This got the attention of both Rhi and Aki. 

Coming back to the girl who was still waiting for his reply Aki apologized. “I am sorry. I really didn’t see you that way Rhi.” He was more interested in the object that was dropped on the floor. 

Picking it up he smiled to see two teddy bears. A gray one with his name embroidered on the collar. And a brown one that was plain. He looked around to see who the girl was. 

High school sure is an interesting place… 

Few years later: 

“Kawaii Mi-chan…” Miyu heard her niece squeal in joy as she entered the house. 

“She better not brought home another stray pup.” She thought as she went to the said girl’s room. 

There she saw the little girl playing with a brown teddy bear. 

“Where did you get this honey?” 

“My teacher had this on his desk. It was so kawaii.” 

“So you just took it and came?” 



“I told him that she was pretty. He told me that I could have her if I took good care of Mi-chan.”

Miyu examined the stuffed doll and saw that a name was embroidered on the collar. ‘Someone must have given it to him…’ she thought. 

“Look Nina… This belongs to your sensei and it is obviously very special to him. How about we both make a kawaii teddy bear just like this one and return it to him?” 

“But aunty…”

“Let us give it back to him tomorrow. Aunty will make you a very pretty bear. okay?” 


Next Day: 

Dropping off her niece at the pre-school she walked towards the teacher’s room. 

“Hi, I am Nina’s aunt. I am so sorry that she took away this doll from you Yamamoto-San. Kindly accept this.” she spoke as she dug through her bag to find the brown teddy bear. 

She looked up to come face to face with a situation that was all too familar to something she had been part of so many years ago. 

With a wide smile on his face Aki Yamamoto answered “I see that it reached it’s rightful owner Mi-chan.” 


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