L for Linda

Lawyer’s office

“Your divorce is final”, said the lawyer to Ben.

That evening at a Bar

“This is good news Ben! We should celebrate”, said the friend to Ben.

7 month later at Ben’s workplace

“Listen, I know a friend who is also recently divorced who would be perfect for you. Shall I arrange a date?”, asked a co-worker to Ben.

2 years later at a wedding

“Ben, it is high-time you get married again. That bridesmaid has been looking at you for a while. You are my best man and you have all the rights to hook up with the bridesmaid.”, joked the Groom to Ben.

5 years later at a psychiatrist’s office

“What is stopping you from moving on Ben?”, asked the psychiatrist to Ben.

“I can’t stop loving her”

“But she..”, began the psychiatrist.

“..doesn’t feel the same way about me. I know!”, finished Ben.

“There is nothing you can do about it. No point in building false hopes.”

“I know that too… I am building any false hopes here, but if only I could show her how much I love her. If only she could see.”

“But she has no memory of you, Ben”

to be continued….


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