M for Mieloji

8 years ago

“LINDA!! LINDA!!! Can you hear me?”, shouted Ben to an unconscious Linda

At the hospital

“Hello Linda. You survived a major accident. How are you feeling now?”, asked Ben to Linda

At the house

“What do you mean you don’t know who I am? I’m Ben, your husband. This is our home.”, explained Ben to Linda

A year later

“I can’t give up on you Linda! Can’t give up on us. Please don’t do this. Why do you want to leave me?”, cried Ben to Linda

Present day

“I just want to talk. I kept my promise to not contact you for 7 years, Linda. Let me just meet you one last time.”, pleaded Ben over the phone to Linda.

“Fine. Let’s meet at the park tomorrow.”, replied Linda


At the park

“Hello Linda. How have you been?”

“Hello Ben. I’ve been good. How about you?”

“I left this psychiatrist too.”


“She couldn’t help.”

“Ben, I can’t stand to see you like this. I can’t bear to see a good man like you obsessing over me. I can’t remember anything about you before the accident and everyday was a nightmare looking at you shower all this love on me and trying to jog my memory while I don’t not even remember your last name. I had to separate from you. My old life is gone. I am a new person now. Please move on.”

Ben listened patiently, then said, “Shall we take a walk?”


“Just around the corner”

“Please stop Ben”

“I promise I won’t bother you again after this. Will you please come with me for a walk? One last time?”

And so they walked. They walked past the shops, the streets, and the buildings that held a thousand memories of a couple in love that they were to Ben as he looked at them and then to Linda. She stared back at him blankly.

They finally stopped at an apartment building. Ben stepped in and Linda followed as they went up the stairs. They came to a an apartment door that read 201. Ben fished out a key from his pocket and opened the door with it. They stepped in.

“Ben, what is this place?”, asked Linda looking at an empty apartment.

“This is the first place we lived together before I proposed to you.”, said Ben


to be continued….


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