N for Najdroższa

“Why would you bring me here, Ben?”, asked Linda

“I just thought you should know. You deserve to know this last piece of information I haven’t told you about the life we shared before the accident”, replied Ben

Linda looked at Ben with her eyes demanding a thousand answers, but her lips not parting to utter a single word. Ben was facing Linda, standing at the center of the living room. He looked to the right to a window. He walked towards it and Linda followed him. She didn’t know why but she followed him. She said she didn’t want to know about her life but she followed him. Ben came to the window and looked out into the street. It was getting dark and the lights were being turned on. Linda waited patiently for Ben to start talking again.

“We used to sit near this window, on the sill. We would gaze at the street below and went it got dark we would turn our gazes towards the sky”, said Ben as he titled his head to look at the night sky. Linda followed suit.

“You loved to look at the stars. I loved to look at you looking at the stars.”, said Ben

Linda couldn’t help but admire the beautiful night sky. She couldn’t remember ever gazing at them but now they were strangely calming for her. She just discovered something she loved, the stars.

“How did you propose to me Ben?”, asked Linda

“Look through the window and you’ll see”

Linda looked and all she could see was the night sky littered with stars.

“It was a cloudless night like today when I proposed”

Linda still looked perplexed at the twinkling stars. She couldn’t see how Ben proposed to her. All she could see were the stars…. But wait, some of the stars weren’t twinkling. She moved her head closer and saw some of the stars weren’t on the night sky, but on the window. She walked a foot away from the window and looked at the stars in the window spell out a sentence.


Ben has drawn stars on the window to propose to Linda. Linda held her hands to her mouth, her eyes watering.

“I once promised I’d move the stars for you and I did. You said yes and the rest I’ve told you already”, said Ben still looking out the window.

A tear fell off Linda’s face.

to be continued…


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