P for Premam

This is a guest post by Vishnu Priya Ramesh.  

It was the Vishu day. The whole town was in celebration mode. The aroma of fresh flowers, ghee, jackfruit, palm leaves filled the air. Pleased by this colourful atmosphere, Vidya was clicking selfies in her traditional mallu saree and uploaded one of them in her Facebook profile.

The next second, she received a text from her friend, Vijay, which read “Vishu aashamsagal”. After responding to that text and having some usual conversation, he asked to meet her that day. Vidya too wanted to meet him for a long time so she gave an affirmative reply. They met that evening. Vijay parked his RE (Royal Enfield Machismo 500 bike to be exact!) nearby and handed her a box that he carried from his adobe. She was on her cloud nine when she saw the box filled with “Pal adapradhaman”. Her favourite food which her Mom didn’t prepare this year much to Vidya’s chagrin. Fortunately, Vijay has saved the day for Vidya. Only way to reach someone’s heart is through their stomach and Vijay knew this fact very well. While leaving she noticed his RE and couldn’t help but admire it. She was about to ask him for a lift but noticed in disappointment that it only had a single seat. She knew Vijay always rode his priced possession RE alone but having just a single seat was taking it too far, she thought to herself.

The “Pal adapradhaman” bought a special place for Vijay in Vidya’s heart. Greater friendships have started on less insignificant things and food was indeed the first love in Vidya’s life. She often found herself looking forward to his WhatsApp text every day and couldn’t help but stare at his DP in the meantime. As time grew so did the two grew closer.

“You should come home one day! I’ll introduce you to my family” Vijay said one day playing with his bike key. They had come to meet at the park after work. Vidya looked at him in surprise.

“I can’t wait to have that delicious Pal adapradhaman again”, Vidya replied winking at Vijay.

“How about today?” he asked pointing towards his RE. She turned to see the beautiful beast sporting a pillion seat.

“How did he know? What does this mean?”, a thousand questions raced Vidya’s mind.

Vijay reading the confusion in her face just smiled at her and said, “I don’t share my RE with anyone but I know you always wanted a ride. So I got this installed today.”

Vidya couldn’t help but grin as she hoped on to the bike. They rode into the sun-set for some “Pal adapradhaman”.


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