T for Tesoro

This is a guest post by Dhivya who blogs here. Please head here to see my guest post on her A to Z Challenge

‘… And when the azure sea met the pinkish sky, they never blended, like two souls who are meant to be together, constantly in touch, but never entwined. Nature was always special in showing colors that cannot be found in an artist’s palette!’

Katherine sighed. It was the end of yet another bittersweet story from her favourite blog. This post had come after a long gap of a fortnight, and she had missed them so. Her mailbox pinged with another mail – her latest session from the online language course for Italian.

Her vague suspicion that the writer was actually Italian, and not just a fan of the language was further confirmed today. As her hands rushed over the keyboard to write her comment, Katherine watched the postscript note in the post.

‘What do you remember on reading this story my dear readers? What emotion does this story evoke in you?’

Slightly surprised, Katherine looked twice to ensure it was part of the blog post. This was the first such interactive entry in ‘Il Diario Pubblico’. The author had really refrained from interacting with his readers thus far despite her (and many others’) repeated comments on his ever famous love series – the one where he spoke about his muse and his desire to say his love to her.

Apparently, the request was not missed by his other fans, and all through her way to work, Katherine had an interesting time watching the comments. She felt a small twang of jealousy when she saw the women commenting. Suddenly the author himself intervened.

‘If things go well, I will ask my girl today – the muse, the damsel who inspired this heart-warming series. Wish me luck, amigos!’

A melancholic smile crept into her face. Half formed dreams of those twilight skies she’d hoped to chase to Italy and find the mystery man and make him hers dissipated like the morning mist. She steeled herself and typed out a comment.

‘Wish you all the luck, and the lucky girl all the goodwill. Keep the treasure safe is what I will say you both!’

She entered her workplace with a heavy heart, feeling as if she’d lost a part of herself. Chiding herself for falling in love with mere words and having improbably insane dreams, she got behind her desk when she noticed a postcard of a Mediterranean seascape tacked to her cubicle wall. Looking closer, she noticed the words on the postcard.

‘I have waited enough, darling. Sei il mio Tesoro! Will you accept my proposal?’

Confused, Katherine looked around at her office to see her colleague Simone making his way towards her with a strange smile on his face. The gears began twirling in her mind as if the lights had shone on him only now. Katherine dared to hope for a fleeting moment that her dreams had chased her instead of the other way round. As Simone slowly slid his phone on her desk with the admin page of ‘Il Diario Pubblico’ open, Katherine knew that the writer had finally reached his muse.


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