U for Ujj

It was a strange sight for the ladies at the clothing shop. Uncomfortable even, one can say. There was a man at the lingerie section. He was with a girl half his age, as she went around happily picking out “unmentionables” and he was just staring at her with a smile. Obvious lewd interpretations were made by the moms, daughters, sisters, and wives gathered there. Soft murmurs filled the section. Nasty looks were given and yet the man and the girl remained oblivious to the silent judgement they were under. Anyone with half a decent brain would know what the man was for the girl, but such was not the society they lived in.

“How does this look?” asked the girl holding out a pink camisole.

“You already have a pink one”, said the man

“What difference does it make? I wear it inside anyway.”

“Fine, but I never buy two underwear of the same color.”

One can imagine the kind of shock the crowd went into listening to this conversation. Mothers turned away their daughters from staring at the two. Sensing something off, the man hurried the girl to finish selecting and moved to the lounge wear section.

The girl again happily skipped to the section with her one hand around the arms of the man and the other holding the lingerie she picked.

“This is such a cute tops”, she said happily holding out a green t-shirt with a frilly design on the front.

“You said you wanted a sleeveless top, didn’t you?” reminded the man

“Oh ya! But I like this too.”

“Fine, pick this and a sleeveless top.”

After picking out a couple of sleeveless tops and meeting with disagreement from the man on either the design or the fit, the two finally found one that they both agreed would look great on the girl. They happily went to the register to pay for the clothes.

The receptionist was an old lady, who had been watching the man and the girl. She smiled as she billed the clothes.

“Did your daughter find everything she was looking for?” she asked assuming correctly where the other people failed.

“Yes, she did!”, answered the man looking at the beaming face of the girl.

“It must be hard raising a girl as a single father. You are doing an amazing job.”, she said loudly so the judgmental crowd could hear her.

“Single father?”, the man asked.

Just then a lady walked towards the two with some clothes in her hand.

“I selected this shirt for you honey. How do you like it?” she asked holding out a plaid shirt to the man. He nodded with a smile.

She turned to the girl next and asked her, “Did you two get everything?”

“Yes, mom. Dad chose this design. How is it?” the girl asked holding out the t-shirt.

The lady smiled and after paying their bill, the happy family stepped out of the store leaving many a shocked eyes behind.


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