(e)X and (wh)Y

This post is about the many love that could’ve been and the question that follows. 


Like all things in life, love fails too. It fails so often that it is an integral part of love. “To love and fail…” is how you see life fully. Your lover is now an eX-lover and you are left with the question whY.

Why did they come into my life? Why did they show me what love is? Why did they make me share my life with them? Why did they leave me? Why does it hurt so much?

But beyond all these whys lies another question. Will I love again?

Love fails, but never dies. Love breaks, but never perishes. Ask all your whys. Ask away till you find an answer. Ask away till you don’t. Ask away till you hurt. But at the end ask not will I love again but say I love again.


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