Molly Burke

I’ve been missing from the blogging game for about two months now and there is good reason to it. I’ve been busy with my YouTube channel “Moving Images”. Writing scripts for each episode and watching countless other YouTube videos have been taking up all my free time. As I was browsing through YouTube, I came across this little YouTuber, Molly Burke. What caught my eye was that she was blind.

Yes, you heard that right. She is a blind YouTuber and it is hard to even guess she is blind from first glance. This got me intrigued and I started watching a few of her videos and it was a whole new experience to say the least. This person was exuding so much positivity that is was phenomenal. I know, I know, we come across these kind of articles everyday in Humans of New York or Bombay or wherever in the world humans live. But trust me, this is a different kind of positive vibes. It is a vibe that is palpable.

Let me explain a scene from one of her videos. It was a Q&A video and Molly was asked what her ambition was? Her answer was she wanted what any normal person would want from life, to eat lots of pizza, hike, and to meet an unicorn. Now I want you my reader to think about it for a second. She starts off saying she wants what any normal person would want and states mundane (and fantastical) things. Now try asking the same question to a “normal” person. You are not gonna get that answer. I think her subtle nudge of positivity in her answer is this, she wants happiness out of life and her happiness comes from the doing the mundane things we “normal” people would often take for granted. And that is just the start, she goes on about various other stuff and I couldn’t help but marvel the simple wisdom in her words and the beautiful way she “sees” the world.

Her last question was, is she single? She replied that she does have a crush on someone and she knows that person doesn’t have similar feelings and she ends it with “Yes we are open and looking for applications”. Why do I say that here? Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs then you know I am a “fool in love” (read it here). And I became a “fool” again. But Molly made me realize I can be more than a fool. I can be happy instead of being a fool. I can be happy I loved someone sincerely and I can be happy even though they didn’t love me back.

Here is the link to her video


Oh did I mention she is the most beautiful girl I’ve met? I’m crushing on you Molly and it makes me happy 😀


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